Why Go Vegan?

Everyone needs to find their own motivation to actively practice veganism. From wanting to live a healthy lifestyle to saving animals, being a vegan is making a greater impact on the world than just eating plant-based food. Being a vegan is being part of something greater than yourself – making healthy choices with every meal for the common good. It’s about taking action and speaking up for the non-human animals and the environment who don’t have a voice.

Many people are transitioning to a vegan diet as a spotlight is now focusing on the horrors of the meat-production industry, animals in the entertainment and fashion industries, and animal testing. Both the mistreatment of animals and people’s willingness to live longer and healthier lives have led to the rise of investment and advocacy of veganism.

For many, becoming a vegan starts with the individual. A single person who’s seeking a healthy diet that makes them look and feel good inside and out. Many people have become increasingly dissatisfied of the low-quality fast food and convenience food choices which has led them to seek out foods that have higher nutrition levels and health benefits. While the ‘organic’, ‘free-range’, and ‘grass-fed’ meat options sound healthier, the benefits and impact on the body and mind are no different than consuming any other source of meat product, as many have discovered. They then explore veganism.

Some General Benefits of Being a Vegan:

  • You’re not contributing to the suffering of victims of slaughterhouses. Animal suffering, animal abuse, and poor living conditions for these animals are a consequence of the factory meat farms as they strive to cut costs and maximize profits.
  • You’re helping the environment. The meat-production industry is leading to environmental destruction. By abstaining from eating meat, less gasses are emitted into the environment from cattle, less water is consumed by the millions of food production animals every year, and less toxic waste is produced by these animals.
  • There will be less outbreaks of E. coli and other dangerous bacteria that are caused by the unsanitary conditions from slaughterhouses.
  • A lean healthy body and peace of mind.

With the rise of the internet, the accessibility to insight and knowledge has grown dramatically. The ability to learn how to prepare, cook and shop for vegan foods are easier than ever. Some favorite sites to check out:

If you need more information or inspiration on why veganism is greater than just a ‘trend’, perhaps you’ll find it illuminating to watch some documentaries on the subject.

  • Earthlings – A Nation Earth documentary narrated by Joaquin Phoenix that explores the repulsive truths of puppy mills, slaughterhouses, animals in the entertainment and fashion industry, and the ramifications of animal testing.
  • Food INC.– An Academy Award-nominated film that examines corporate farming in the US and is narrated by Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser. The film investigates and sheds light that the current US agribusiness is producing unhealthy food, is environmentally harmful and abuses animals.
  • Cowspiracy– A documentary which takes a deep dive into the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and investigates the policies of environmental organizations on this issue.