Maneka Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi is a badass vegan.

This lady is a vegan badass. Smt. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi is the Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development in India. In addition to her role in the Indian government, she is an animal rights activist and environmentalist. She’s authored several books on animal welfare and she started the organization People for Animals, also known as PFA, the largest animal welfare organization in India. The organization is composed of  26 hospitals and 250,000 members to rescue and rehabilitate sick and needy animals. The organization sets up and runs shelters, ambulance services, sterilization programs, treatment/rehab camps and disaster rescue missions for animals. PFA also conducts education programs in schools, fights animal welfare court cases and lobbies on animal issues in parliament. Maneka’s efforts behind the organization make her a badass vegan.


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